3076 Palisades Ct
Tuscaloosa, AL 35405

(205) 562-3196

Tuscaloosa, Northport, Holt, Brookwood, Cottondale, Coaling, Vance, Woodstock, Moundville, Lake View, Coker, Buhl, Duncanville

When you call, you’ll be talking to Jennifer Red, our Tuscaloosa manager.

Name: Jennifer Red

Birth Place: Tuscaloosa, AL

The main reason I work here: I love to help people. This job allows me to always meet new people. I’m a very social person.

If I didn't work here, I would be: Home with my two teenagers and working with some type of animal rescue.

If it were 5 o'clock I would be: Home knitting and drinking my coffee.

My philosophy on customer service: Always go that extra mile for the customers, they pay our bills.

What are you most proud of: My children and my brother and sister.

If I could meet anyone, dead or living, who would it be: Patrick Dempsey. Love those eyes!

If I could say anything: Never stop fighting. Many people deal with something daily, the only way to continue is to fight to be a better person.